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Backup Service

Backups are an essential and often overlooked component of your IT infrastructure. Ripple Web provides an economical solution to all of your backup needs. You can back up your data whether located in our data center or anywhere in the world with our light-weight agent that keeps your data continuously (hourly, daily, …) backed up and provides restore capabilities down to the file level from any point in time.

Granular Control

You decided what needs to be backed up, how often backups run, and what kind of data retention is important to you. If you need restore a key file from one hour ago or 2 months ago, that single file can be restored. The entire process is managed through our centralized control panel.

Cross Platform

The backup agent is a light weight program that runs on Windows or Linux whether it is a physical server or a virtual server running in VMware, Xen, KVM, AWS, or any other virtualization platform. The agent is a simple program that communicates with the backup server. All management features are in the control panel. A complete restore is performed by booting from an ISO and doing a block level restore.


We bill based on total resources allocated. No predefined packages that you need to try and fit into. Simple billing based on the number of clients the backup agent is installed on and the total amount of storage space allocated to your backups.

Configure Your Service
Backup Serivce

Backup Service - Base $45/month

Number of servers to be backed up. Backup agent will be installed on each.

1 Client - Standard
2 Clients - Add $12/month
3 Clients - Add $24/month
4 Clients - Add $36/month
5 Clients - Add $48/month
10 Clients - Add $108/month

Total Storage for Backups - Frequent changes and longer retention will use more space.

500G - Standard
1TB - Add $25/month
2TB - Add $75/month
3TB - Add $125/month
4TB - Add $175/month
5TB - Add $225/month
Payment Period

[Select Quarterly for a 5% Discount
Semi-Annually for a 10% Discount
Annually for a 15% Discount]

Quarterly (Every 3mo)
Semi-Annually (Every 6mo)
Annually (Every 12mo)

Additional Info

[Enter any additional information here.]

Enterprise Grade Servers

High Performance

Intel Xeon Servers
100/1000Mbps Network


Enterprise Hard Drives
Hardware RAID
Redundant Power Feeds
100% Network Up-time SLA
4 Hour Hardware Replacement

Fast and Redundant Network

CCIE Designed, Deployed and Maintained
BGP4 Multi-Homed Network
Fiber Network to Core Switches
BGP Mix of Century Link, Cogent, Wave, Comcast

Sacramento Data Center

Seismically neutral Sacramento location
Dedicated, on-site, substation
Redundant Power
Massive Cooling
Ultimate Security


24x7 Support
Personalized Support
Complete Customization
888 728 9066

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