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Two Crucial Components Every Reliable Sacramento Data Center Offers

IT experts conducted a study in 2012 and estimated that the entire data universe takes up 2.8 zettabytes. As a point of comparison, that is the equivalent of 1.8 trillion gigabytes. Furthermore, experts anticipate that the amount of space the data universe will consume by 2020 will be near 40 zettabytes. Obviously, all these data need a place to call home. That place is a data center.

As your business continues to grow, you’ll eventually need to come up with your own robust Sacramento data center. That’s a given, regardless of your industry. So what constitutes a reliable data center? Here are some vital components:

Useable Space

Despite computers becoming smaller and faster over the years, the sheer volume of data that data centers need to house is staggering. In turn, a large number of computers and machines are necessary to compensate but this doesn’t necessarily mean you require a warehouse, as an article from How Stuff Works explains:

When we think of data centers, many of us envision huge warehouses full of racks of servers, blinking and humming away, wires running to and fro. And in some cases we’d be right. But they come in all shapes, sizes and configurations.

They range from a few servers in a room to huge standalone structures measuring hundreds of thousands of square feet with tens of thousands of servers and other accompanying hardware. Their sizes and the types of equipment they contain vary depending upon the needs of the entity or entities they are supporting.

Environmental Control

Things can get hot pretty quickly inside a data center. After all, your data center is running 24/7. Allowing temperatures to rise too high can result in equipment malfunction. This is why many data centers have environment control capabilities: large fans, powerful air conditioners, etc.

Overall, building a data center costs millions of dollars, an amount that may not be an option for your small business – and it doesn’t have to be. There is a cost-effective alternative you can look into: colocation.

Colocation is the system of locating the data/network of multiple businesses in one fully-operable data center—called a colocation center—which offers equipment, bandwidth and space/storage for rent. It allows you to take full advantage of having a dedicated data center without having to pay a pretty penny. Experienced services for colocation in Sacramento like Ripple Web have a variety of packages that you can customize to best meet both your needs and your budget.

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