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Sacramento Data Center: How You Can Maximize Your Colocation Services

Just like in any other investment, you should carefully deliberate the use of colocation services for your IT infrastructure.As Data Center Knowledge reporter Bill Kleyman puts it, when you have high-level data requirements, you have to search for a reliable colocation provider that can step up to the task.

As companies continue migrating to the cloud, they often run into unexpected management issues regarding the integration of cloud services with in-house IT systems. Organizations are challenged to bridge the gap that exists between internal technologies, traditional hosting solutions and the cloud.

Next-generation colocation solutions support high-density computing, unified management portals and hybridization of IT infrastructure. These capabilities enable organizations to integrate technology systems, data and applications to provide an optimal end-user experience and are often the first step toward transitioning away from on-premise infrastructure.

Colocation has traditionally been viewed as a commoditized and standardized service, but these new developments (high-density power, remote management and hybridized infrastructure) have created significant differentiation in the market. These advancements allow increased agility, visibility and control of one’s infrastructure.

Aside from satisfying these concerns, a Sacramento data center provider offers reliable web hosting options that can help you maximize your colocation services. When you obtain your private cloud or dedicated servers through the same colocation provider, they can significantly reduce the maintenance you have to undertake for your IT infrastructure.

Traditionally, colocation implies that it is the business owner’s responsibility to buy and maintain all the hardware components of the IT infrastructure, as well perform upgrades, licensing, and repairs. Now, businesses have the option to lease dedicated or private cloud servers from the same colocation providers, who would then take charge of those maintenance tasks.

This may also be advantageous if you have plans of migrating your data storage from dedicated servers to the cloud, and vice versa. If you will be expanding your data center and you no longer need the colocation services, your provider can make the transition more manageable, since all of the processes will be handled under one roof.

A reliable Sacramento colocation provider like Ripple Web offers comprehensive services, including cloud or dedicated server hosting. On top of the company’s redundant power and networks, and massive cooling capabilities, high-performance equipment come at the most affordable prices. Overall, you can receive the most cost-efficient solutions to meet your IT infrastructure needs.


(Source: Get Ready for Next-Generation Colocation, Data Center Knowledge, September 25, 2014)

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