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Private Cloud Servers Use More Security Than The Average Computer Owner

When it comes down to it, when people think of cloud computing their initial concern is always the issue of security. “What do you mean all of my information is accessible for anywhere?” “Why wouldn’t I just keep all of my information localized?” Admittedly, the sound of your personal business “just flying around out there” is a little bit unnerving. But the fact is, cloud computing is very safe…even safer than your locally stored data.

Now that you’ve been assured that the cloud is safe, you still might not be convinced. You might be thinking, “How is the cloud protected?” Well here’s an answer: Encryption. Encryption methods utilize complex algorithms to conceal cloud-protected information. In order for anyone to get through to the stored information and data, they would need the encryption key. A private cloud server uses more complex security methods than the average computer owner is able to devise.

Added methods of security also fall into the hands of the user. Doing the things we’ve always been told to do like, changing up your password on a regular basis and making sure your passwords aren’t hints to anything in your personal life are also great ways to keep your information from being tampered with.

Now comes the question of reliability. The answer lies in the numbers really. A recent poll stated that 86% of companies not only use extensive cloud storage systems, but multiple storage systems. Taking results from 80 countries from as far back as 2005 found that 30% of business have 1 storage account, 16% have 2, 12% have 3, 8% have four, and 19% have 5 or more (with 13% having 0 accounts).

Ever since 2009, companies have been trusting cloud computing at exponential rates. The fact that many sources can be used for cloud computing, allow companies to reach outside its local providers, making for a more competitive market nation wide. A Sacramento cloud solutions provider, like Ripple Web can handle whichever needs you may have, despite you not being form their region. Be a part of a Sacramento colocation venue no matter where you may do business.

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