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As your company’s IT demands increase, managing the personnel and infrastructure needed to support the entire data environment will only become more difficult and expensive over time. Thus, the decision to outsource your data center can become an integral part of your IT strategy. Colocation—the option of renting a data center—offers a simpler, more economical solution than taking up more space in your workplace with your own external servers. If you haven’t hopped in on the bandwagon yet, consider this excerpt from a Yahoo! Finance article:

 A new report released by DCD Intelligence identifies that almost a quarter of all data center footprint in the North America region is now outsourced. Covering the US and Canada, the North America Data Center Key Trends Report 2013-2014 estimates that the current amount invested in data center outsourcing & colocation has increased by 13% over the past 12 months and is now in the region of $8.8bn. A further increase of 15% is predicted by the end of 2014.

 The forecasted growth illustrates the need for data managers to identify the best existing solutions and implement these quickly and efficiently. Failure to do so means that your company will continue to use outdated and uneconomical processes which will ultimately cause you to lag behind the competition, and that’s not a position you want to be in.

Granted, making the leap to an outsourced data center can be both a liberating and worrying decision. On one hand, the change allows you to do away with much of the labor and cost of maintaining an IT infrastructure. On the other, the move can be a huge hurdle for the IT manager and staff. The latter can be avoided, however, by ensuring that you work with a reputable and well-established Sacramento colocation firm.

The rapid growth of digital data only threatens your company’s ability to keep it secure, manageable, easily retrievable, and properly stored. With so many companies managing their own data centers running out of space, manpower, and infrastructure to handle their data needs, you owe it to yourself to see what colocation can do for you. Get in touch with a trusted Sacramento data center provider like Ripple Web today.

(Source: 15% Growth Forecast for North America Colocation Market 2014, Yahoo! Finance, January 31, 2014)

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