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A Private Cloud Server Will Ensure Your Company a Reputable, Secure Solution

The two main things that we are all taught from a very young age are to share and to be dedicated. Those attributes are great tools to possess for any person who’s aiming for the highest levels of success. However, when it comes to the world of servers, the battle between “sharing” and “dedication” is a conflict in which you must pick a side. Are you a part of Team Shared or Team Dedicated?

The arguments in either direction are endless, but what does commonsense suggest? Sure a shared server may be a little lighter on the pocket book, but remember that other lesson you were taught at as a “youngen.” You know then one, the infamously true lesson of “you get what you pay for.” Sure, that toy was only a dollar, but with one fall from the counter or share with your little brother, your purchase is rendered useless.

Yahoo Small Business sights twice as many cons when choosing a shared server over a private cloud server.

Cons of shared hosting:

  • Limited security features due to shared server
  • Higher incident of hacking, though a good web hosting provider will be able to prevent this
  • Cannot run any other software programs or utilities other than the ones either supported or
    provided by the web hosting company
  • Websites can be slow if you have a lot of data since there are other websites on the server
  • Servers can get overloaded and freeze up the website
  • Customer service is more of a “walk-through” with shared hosting plans meaning you’ll be
    doing most of the trouble-shooting yourself

Cloud service providers, such as Sacramento, CA based Ripple Web, put the power in the business owner’s hands by allowing them to run software and utilities of their own choosing, as well as the ability to manage large amounts of web traffic, without ever having to worry about any sort of service interruptions in the process.

When it really comes down to it, it’s all about security and control for your business. Your reputation as a secure entity is probably the most important assets to have in your corner.

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